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{Real Wedding} Whitney & Rene

I know you are all curious to how Whitney & Rene's wedding was so here is the whole story!!! This ambitious couple are the creators, publishers, and founders of our local magazine, WellFedWell FED is the area's largest and most comprehensive food, dining, and healthy living magazine. They planned for an outside square wedding and really really wanted to have it outside, but on the day of 12noon was our last resort time to call off the outside ceremony since there was a big storm heading towards Savannah. Literally at noon it started to rain!! Which meant that Plan B was in effect. We wanted to gamble on having it outside and now I'm sure everyone is happy we called it since I heard there were other weddings outside getting soaked!!! We set up the ceremony in the reception and delayed it an hour to get it all set up with the change. So it wasn't outdoors but it still turned out fabulous! Even through the rain, thunder, lighting, tornado siren warnings, and ceremony relocation the wedding was beautiful and filled with so much love! 

All the vendors involved were amazing and were a huge help. Also many of the family members were involved with created the bunting and burlap banners, plus the guest favors. The rental company delivered everything in the pouring rain! Family and friends helped carry everything up the stairs to the 2nd floor ballroom getting drenched! The flowers from John Davis arrived in perfect condition. The ceremony musician, Darryl Van Horne of October Genius just said to me, "You have a natural ability to make everyone understand their importance, good quarterback skills, and I was impressed with how smoothly everyone came together" It takes a lot of managerial skills to orchestrate and keep your cool through it all and I made it happen! Nicole Rene, my assistant was AWESOME and helped so much! Ben, another assistant was extremely helpful too!! 

The DJ came in from Charleston, SC and had a rainy commute here and back, but he was a trooper and was a key player in getting the party going! I would recommend him to any Charleston wedding pro, his name is Rob Nance from Complete Music. Jamie Weaver of  Dream Weaver Photos was super flexible and there to photograph all the wonderful moments, plus her husband and help were able to lift and set up their photo booth, after hauling it up a huge set of outside stairs in the pouring rain. 

They AMAZING rented china from a local woman to use for the dinner of 140 guests, which included a salad plate, dinner plate, dessert plates, and coffee cups which looked so pretty and surprisingly only 1 coffee cup broke. The local food was delicious and beautifully set up by KBella. Also the American Legion was super helpful and flexible with having us set up early plus have the ceremony there because of the tremendous storm. 

So all in all it was a very positive experience! I woke up the next day, with my aching muscles and took a bath with Signature Bath Salts from Scentsations by Julie and recapped all of it in my mind. Oh and enjoy the funny photo booth picture at the end of myself and Nicole! Mind you this was at the end of the night and Nicole and I were exhausted but still having a good time! I'm looking forward to all the upcoming wedding since even through all the stressful stuff, it's all about families and friends coming together and sharing in the love of the bride and groom ♥

Vendor Credit:
Ceremony location: supposed to be Greene Square
Reception location: American Legion Savannah, Post No 1351108 Bull St,Savannah, GA 31401
Bed and Breakfast: 17hundred90 Inn,307 East President Street  Savannah, GA 31401  
Wedding Planner: Simply Savannah Events/All the Little Details Designs
Photographer & Photobooth: Dream Weaver Photos
Officiant: family, Rene’s Dad 
DJ: Complete MusicRob Nance 
Catering:  KBella: food also Butterhead- Seth & Patrick : drinks, coffee, cream and sugar
Form- Cheesecakes
Harris Bakery- Mexican wedding cookies & mini tarts 
Nanny cake, homemade cake made by Whitney's grandmother
Favors: Perc Coffee
Florist: John Davis
Rentals: In Any Event 
Makeup: Margaret Maldonado

Eco-friendly detailsfavors for guests from local stores, incorporated vintage items, reused glass containers for flowers, handmade bunting by mother of the bride, organic food and coffee, vintage china for plateware, and ceremony & reception in the same location by default.

The Bridal Shots
The Ceremony
 The Food
The Dancing
The Reception 

 The Photobooth
LOL!! Yep, that would be myself and Nicole, my assistant having fun in the photobooth! 
The Happy Couple!

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