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{Bright Idea Thursday} Signature Drinks

Having an open bar can be costly to your budget!! If you choose some signature drinks for your big day you could save some $$$ Here are a few ways to save, some nice ideas for presentation, a couple recipes, as well as, two Etsy shops to buy personalized accessories for your drinks that won't break the bank!

5 Ways to Minimize Your Reception and Catering Budget Offer Cocktail Flight Samples During the First Hour from
Here is 1 of those 5 ways-While you're getting your pictures snapped after the ceremony, have your serving staff prepare "flights" or small samples from your cocktail menu to try. Whether it's five microbrews, a trio of cocktails, or even a few different wine varieties, this allows your guests to taste-test each one and then settle of a specific beverage that they like. This should cut down on your costs (since most stores or outlets will let you return opened bottles or cases) AND make that post-wedding hour fly by for your friends as they learn more about each drink on the menu.

10 Easy Ways to Save on Wedding Catering Costs from Nadia Digilov of Celebrating in Style. One idea is to close the open bar an hour earlier.  Begin serving coffee and tea approximately one hour before you party will end.  This will save you money, give closure to the party and give guests a chance to "sober up."

From Budget Wedding Woman’s Day Specials:
For an informal wedding consider a brunch with signature drinks. It can be classy, unique with style. 
You could save 40%-50% of what a dinner could cost. 
Or consider 3-5pm cake and champagne or signature cocktails maybe Sunday afternoon

I always look forward to Jacin's Mason Jar Sunday on her blog Lovely Little Details because she comes up with so many great ideas! Be sure to check out her blog and these others...
Grab a jar and make it your own! Have your guests write their names on their mason jars so they know which drink belongs to them.  Or you can also make them using pink lemonade… in mason jars! Pretty + perfect for girly bridal showers. Love the fabric ribbon tied around the top. If you are having a fall wedding consider a nice leaf tag.
If you plan to have a country style wedding these 2 ideas are very casual and fun. Having non alcoholic options mixed in with signature drinks is a nice option for the D.D. Designated Drivers, non-drinkers, and underage guests. Or if you have access to an old truck, why not have your drink station on the truck bed!
Are you having a nautical wedding near the ocean? Instead of having a truck, have a BOAT! You could borrow a boat or Rent a boat. One-of-a-kind details are the key to a smashing DIY wedding. Carrie + Alan turned a row boat into a drink cooler at their coastal Maine wedding. Clever, practical and incorporated their location/theme so perfectly. Photography by JAGstudios.
If you are planning a romantic, elegant, classic bridal shower or wedding these beautiful drink tables are for you! Strawberry spiked punch with sugar coated glasses. Infused water: Lemon- and-cucumber-infused water, strawberry lemonade, and lime-and-mint-infused water were set out for guests to drink as refreshment from the warm summer heat. I also loved this infused water set up with the twine and simple drink labels.
Perfect idea for a bridal shower party, informal wedding brunch, cake and champagne wedding, or your cocktail hour- Champagne cocktail with raspberries

2 ounces dry gin
1 ounce fresh squeezed lemon juice
1/2 ounce agave nectar
Pink Champagne
2 raspberries
Shake hard the first three ingredients in an ice-filled cocktail shaker and strain into two chilled Champagne flutes. Top each with Champagne and drop a raspberry into each flute.

½ ounce of pineapple gomme syrup
½ ounce of Chambord Raspberry Liqueur
Dom Ruinart Brut Champagne or your favorite Sparkling Wine
One fresh raspberry
In a cocktail shaker, mix the pineapple syrup and the raspberry liqueur until well blended. Pour into a Champagne flute, then top off the glass with Champagne. Garnish with the raspberry.

Their Paper Straws will add the perfect touch to any Party Table, Candy Buffet, Wedding, Birthday, Baby Shower, graduation, holiday, everyday celebrations, and the list goes on….!! Plus these straws are EARTH FRIENDLY….bio-degradable and compost in 3 months making them the Friendliest Straws on Earth. Made in the USA of FDA-approved ink. So Retro and Fun…!!! and yes...they are drinking straws and do not get soggy! Plus check out their personalized drink flags! 

These beribboned drink stirrers are perfect for your next wedding or party! They would also work wonderfully for festively decorating food (sliders, perhaps?). The stirrers measure approximately 5 inches tall and are food-safe. Ribbon colors are completely customizable! 

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