Friday, June 24, 2011

Wedding budget under $5K

Our 2nd anniversary is NEXT WEEK, July 2nd and it will be very special since my husband and I were miles apart for our 1st wedding anniversary. If you were able to read my previous post about our intimate wedding you would know that Chris was serving in Iraq for the Army. Our love withstood the long distance relationship and here we are embarking on our big day! It's amazing to think about what we both have been through in the past two years. Chris is now out of the Army and now working for JCB!! For those of you just getting married I have some advice: communicate, give each other alone time, have date nights, learn to compromise and share. 

Since I'm in the sharing mood I thought I would share with you how my husband and I were able to plan a wedding under $5K. Also check out this other great blog about planning a wedding under $10K at

As a wedding planner, graphic designer, and crafty person I was able to do most of my wedding details myself but doing a DIY wedding is not for everyone. I made all of my invitations, programs, guest favors, and flowers by myself, which took a good amount of time. We only had about 30 people who were able to attend, but I did mail out invitations to friends and family after our wedding to inform them of our event. It is nice to announce your wedding afterward, if your wedding was more of an elopement like ours. It is also nice to have friends or family who are in the wedding industry who can take your pictures and do your make up!! The important part about having friends or family offer to help for your wedding is to be able to communicate to them about what you want. Don't feel to shy to speak your opinion because it is still your day. Great words of wisdom from Kelly Hood of Boho Weddings in Sheffield, England who is another TWIPS member, "Weddings should be about you as a couple, don’t have the wedding your sister or your best friend had, have the wedding YOU want -do things your way!! Create the wedding you want, not the wedding you’re told to have"!

You're probably thinking, "why is she divulging all this private information especially since she is a wedding planner"??!! The reason is because not every wedding has to be $10K+ So with that said I would also like to remind you that if you do plan to have a wedding that is over $5K or $10k+ and need to hire someone to help you plan, design or coordinate - a wedding planner should only be up to 10% of your total wedding budget.
Homecoming October  2010

Here is an informal itemized list of our wedding budget:

photographer 450+
album and prints 414
sugar flowers 7.47
cake 159.86
dress 64.19
purse & veil 171.20
flip flops 7.50
spanx 38.52
dress alterations 40
toasting flutes 68
cake servers 33.99
hair 102
chirs shirt, etc 70.78
square permit & cop 280
J.P. 180
Moon River room reservation 150
candles 20.65
gifts 129.43
engagement ring:re-size heirloom 145
dinner 500+
wedding bands Layla 588.50
wedding bands Chris 422.65
hotel 216.43
ribbon, bubbles 13
nails 64
invitations 100
fans 38.64
flowers 23.49



  1. Don't be shy! Use the comment section here to share advice on love, marriage, weddings, anniversaries, or budgets. So share away!!

  2. Thank you for posting and putting this into perspective. How many people attended your wedding?

  3. We had 30 guests who were friends and family.


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