Tuesday, July 5, 2011

{Vendor Spotlight} Taken Photography

Today, I would like to introduce you to Alicja Colon, a very talented photographer from Savannah.

Sparkle | Color | Flash | Dynamic
Those four words would definitely describe Alicja of Taken Photography! Other words to describe Taken's work are dramatic, beautiful, and emotion capturing. I am thrilled to have met Alicja and get to know her as a friend. I prefer to meet with all my vendors in person to allow that connection and relationship to form. Just looking at someone's website and emailing them does not create a good bond. I want to make sure that if I refer a client to a professional vendor that I know they are quality. Alicja is QUALITY but also such a caring talented woman. Alicja was nice enough to answer a few questions for my blog post to help y’all get to know her a little better!

Layla: Which are your 5 favorite images and why? 

1) oh my heart - I just look at this and swoon. This image was taken in the Bahamas for fellow photographer, Melissa (of foreverphotographers.com) the Bride. We were on the dock, sun going down. The couple just signed their marriage license, which in the Bahamas HAS to be signed before the sunset. I love how John, the groom, took his bride in his arms and assertively gave his woman a kiss. I love how Melissa cherished it.  

2) During the first dance - there was SO much emotion. This couple has lots to deal with the day of their outside wedding - RAIN. But I love for they overcame and re-focused on what was important: Their love.

3) I lean towards the sexy side of things. We did lots of photos outside, in a playground - but I knew... He is a firefighter (he had to be smokin' under his shirt), and just look how cute she is! I saw a leather couch and a red pillow. Yes, we have to do sexy. So blessed to have clients up for anything :)

4) Love the innocent moment: fun, flirty, and sweet. Jessica, the hottie, was shy of taking photos in a pretty public place. To lighten the mood I was reassuring that no one was looking, "except that guy" and they busted out in sweet laughter. Ahhh - the moments <3

5) Vanessa-a vixen in Miami. She saved for a year to do this glam shoot. When we meet I knew she was ready to rock & roll! I mean look at those red lips-HOT! I love the light, motion, and the confidence our hottie has! 

Layla: What makes you laugh?

Alicja: Really embarrassing moments - like when I go bowling and swing my arm back and accidentally let the ball go. I heard that forward is better, but I like to keep things interesting : ) 

Layla: What do you find enjoyable?

Alicja: Trying to get my one-year-old to dance. It's really not hard. When anything with a beat comes on goes in dancing diva mode - full with hip shaking, shrugging shoulders, and hand waving. Yes, I gave her a few pointers.  

Layla: What are you most proud of? 

Alicja: I guess this has nothing to do with me - but I'm most proud of the opportunity to be a professional photographer. Humbly I thank Jesus for the gift to get to know others and serve them in this way.  

Layla: When did you start Taken?

Alicja: In Miami, about 2 years ago. Before that I was operating under Alicja Colon Photography, for a year in Savannah, but no one knew who to spell Alicja or Colon - pronounced "Cologne." That's what happens when a Polish girl marries a Puerto Rican. 

Layla: How would you describe your style?

Alicja: Fashion-forward documentary. I'm very into color, contrast, and emotion. It's a perfect combination because when a moment happens I capture it as it happen. But I can also pose the couple, bridal party, or parents in a way that's natural and communicates deep emotion. 

Layla: What do you do when you are not photographing weddings?

Alicja: Right now designing logos for fellow photographers and picking colors of the house we're building. But always drinking coffee. YUM! 

Layla: Finish this sentence: 

Alicja: I am ... in need of a date with the beauty salon!  

My passion is ... aesthetics! If I'm involved, it has to look fierce.

My favorite moment in weddings is...The first dance! I love listening to music while watching the groom sing to his bride. And then kiss afterwards, many times, rivals the first kiss!  

Layla: What are your accolades:

Alicja: Taken's weddings are have been feature of varying wedding internet publications. That's very exciting! Each time I get blown away at the response of the images I get to craft.

♥ Blessfully Taken 2012 ♥

This is her 3rd year offering the Blessfully Taken contest where Alicja will give away FREE 8 hours of wedding photographic services, 8x12 luxury, hand-crafted album {custom selected leather cover}, DVD of web-ready album images, and online gallery of wedding images for the winner who has been nominate as a Bride-to-be who deserves this luxurious gift. 
Alicja has the BIGGEST !
Thank you Alicja!!
Don't forget to check out her website at  http://www.taken-photography.com

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