Thursday, November 9, 2017

How to Draw Facial Proportions

Her tutorial covers the basic guidelines for facial proportions. Learning where features are placed on the face and how to use our pencil as a measurement tool allows us to create more accurate portraits. In this video, I am using a plain old HB pencil! Try to stay within the HB-2B range for general sketching. Too hard of a graphite (the higher the H, the harder the graphite) is really light and can indent the paper easily if you press too hard. The higher the B, the softer the graphite, which will create darker marks!

1st Draw a Self-portrait using a mirror to look at OR you may bring in a photograph of someone you wish to draw BUT it must be a straight on photo of them looking right at you

2nd Watch the video above and draw the same portrait as you did before but this time follow along with her video. You may pause, rewind, and take your time to complete the second portrait.

Resource: From “Digitizing the easel: Student Perspectives on Tutorial Videos in the Art Classroom” by Jescia Hopper.
Nice Examples:

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