Sunday, June 12, 2011

Honoring a loved one who has passed away.

Leaving an empty seat with a flower is just one way of honoring a loved one who has passed away.
When a parent or relative passes away before your wedding, it’s important to find a special way of remembering them without ruining the joyous tone of your big day!

For my wedding our reverend said something really nice during our ceremony, “Many of their deceased relatives and friends are with us in spirit. Mindful of them, of family and friends who cannot be present this day, and of all our families and friends, we rejoice in the love that __ + __ celebrate this day.” Also during the speeches at the reception I lit a candle in memory of my dad and all those who could not be with us. It’s ok to cry too!

Need some suggestions? Rev. Dawn has you covered! Ask the Rev:
"My grandfather recently passed away and I would like to find a way to honor him at my wedding ceremony. Do you have any advice or suggestions?"

"Honoring those who have passed can certainly be a vital and moving component of your ceremony, and there are infinite ways to honor those you love. I always recommend including a specific section in the ceremony simply mentioning, acknowledging, and thanking those who have passed who are closest to you and your fiancé. To specifically honor your grandfather, consider also including one of the following:

1. Lighting a candle in his honor: This can be done before the service even starts and can remain lit throughout (for an indoor ceremony, anyhow), perhaps with a brief explanation in your program of its purpose. Or, the officiant can say a few words in honor of your grandfather as the candle is lit at specific point during the ceremony
2. Saving an empty seat in the front row for your grandfather: You may also consider putting an offering of a flower on his seat.
3. Doing a reading in his honor: Do you know your grandfather’s favorite author or spiritual passage? Do you perhaps have a poem that always makes you think of the moments you spent together? Perhaps you, one of your parents, or another grandchild could read one of these in his honor.
4. Creating an altar in his honor: You could have a small table or an intricate altar set up in the ceremonial area with a candle, a photograph of your grandfather and perhaps a few small reminders of him adorning it."


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  1. What great ideas Layla! I too believe that our deceased loved ones are close by especially the big events in our lives!


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