Sunday, June 12, 2011

3 wedding themed movies are coming out at 1 time!

It's definitely wedding season! Especially since THREE wedding themed movies are coming out at ONE time!! All have mixed reviews. Let me know what you thought of them???

Jumping the Broom is a 2011 American comedy film directed by Salim Akil and produced by Tracey E. EdmondsElizabeth HunterT.D. JakesGlendon Palmer, and Curtis Wallace. The film stars Angela Bassett (Notorious, Meet The Browns), Paula Patton (Precious, Deja Vu), Laz Alonso (Just Wright, Avatar), Mike Epps (The Hangover, Resident Evil: Extinction), Loretta Devine (Death at a Funeral, Grey’s Anatomy), Meagan Good (Stomp The Yard), Julie Bowen (Modern Family) and more!
The plot is about two families who live on opposite sides of the social circle and have to get together for a marriage in the town of Chilmarkon the island of Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts, where two members from both families will be wed.

The title of the film is derived from the African American tradition of bride and groom jumping over a ceremonial broom after being married. In some African-American communities, marrying couples will end their ceremony by jumping over a broomstick, either together or separately. This practice dates back at least to the 19th century and has enjoyed a 20th century revival largely due to the miniseries Roots.
This is a ceremony dating back to the 1600s and derived from Africa. Dating back to slave days, jumping the broom together has been part of weddings for couples who want to honor that tradition. It also has roots in the Celtic culture and including but not limited to Welsh, Celtics, Druids, and Gypsies and some aboriginal or shamanistic cultures.

Some couples choose to incorporate it into traditional and non-traditional ceremonies. Broom jumping is a brief ceremony usually within the wedding ceremony toward the end. The jumping of the broom is symbolic of binding a couple in marriage and also can be used to symbolize fertility and prosperity of the couple.
The "Jumping the Broom" is a ceremony in which the bride and groom, either at the ceremony or at the reception, signify their entrance into a new life and their creation of a new family by symbolically "sweeping away" their former single lives, former problems and concerns, and jumping over the broom to enter upon a new adventure as wife and husband.

The broom has both symbolic and spiritual importance in the African culture. The ritual itself was created by our ancestors during slavery. Because slaves could not legally marry, they created their own rituals to honor their unions. Some say broom jumping comes from an African tribal marriage ritual of placing sticks on the ground representing the couple's new home.


The romantic comedy Something Borrowed based on Emily Giffin's book everyone will get to see whether the movie lives up to the chick-lit original.
Friendships are tested and secrets come to the surface when terminally single Rachel falls for Dex, her best friend Darcy's fiancé. Something Borrowed tells the story of Rachel, a young attorney living and working in Manhattan. Rachel has always been the consummate good girl---until her thirtieth birthday, when her best friend, Darcy, throws her a party. That night, after too many drinks, Rachel ends up in bed with Darcy's fiancé.....

Hilary Swank and Molly Smith of 2S Films team up with Edward Burns and Aaron Lubin to produce Something Borrowed and Something Blue.Director: Luke Greenfield Writers: Jennie Snyder (screenplay), Emily Giffin (novel) Stars: Ginnifer GoodwinKate Hudson and Colin Egglesfield
For those who want more details check out this great blog! or Emily Giffin's Website


Bridesmaids is an upcoming 2011 American comedy directed by Paul Feig and produced by Judd ApatowBarry Mendel, and Clayton Townsend. The plot centers on Annie (Kristen Wiig) and her experiences as a Maid of Honor in Lillian's (Maya Rudolph) wedding.
Bridesmaids was produced by Apatow Productions and will be released by Universal Pictures on May 13, 2011. This will be the final film appearance of Jill Clayburgh, whose death from leukemia in November 2010 occurred before the film was released.
Lillian (Maya Rudolph) and Annie (Kristen Wiig) are best friends. When Annie finds out about Lilian's engagement, she is asked to be the maid of honor. She accepts and is happy until she finds out about all the things the maid of honor has to do. All hell breaks loose when they travel to Vegas for the party that none of them will forget.

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