Friday, September 26, 2014

8th Grade Art History Research Project Cereal Box

Art History Research Project Cereal Box
1.   Choose an artist that inspires you.
2.   Research the artist and share interesting information including:
a.   Name, date of birth and death, locations important to their life, universities or colleges they went to, or artists they studied under.
b.   Interesting information about their life and art - list at least 10 items
3.   Share about why you like this artist.
4.   Include your favorite pieces of artwork:
· Include title of the art, the dimensions (how big it is), what type of art medium (what was it made with oil paints, wood, metal, clay, mixed media, etc)
· Print out color images to fit on cereal box
5.   Use all sides of a Cereal Box to display your information.
6.   Create a piece of art inspired by your artist.



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