Wednesday, September 17, 2014

7th grade Observational Mixed Media Still-life

Title: Observational Mixed Media Still-life //  Grade Level: 7th // Concept: Drawing, painting, collage

Objective: Students will experiment with four different mediums in one project. After completing a line drawing of one of four still life setups around the room, students sliced their paper into four sections. Each section was completed using a different medium- graphite, chalk pastel, collage and paint.

Essential Questions:
How do the four different art materials: graphite, chalk pastel, collage and paint change the aesthetical look of the still-life?
How do you create space? by overlapping the still-life items
How do artists and designers care for and maintain materials, tools, and equipment?
Why is it important for safety and health to understand and follow correct procedures in handling materials, tools, and equipment? – You don’t want to ruin the other sections by being messy with the chalk pastels or paint.

National Art Standards
Anchor Standard 2: Organize and develop artistic ideas and work.
7th : Demonstrate persistence in developing skills with various materials, methods, and approaches in creating works of art or design.
Enduring Understanding: People create and interact with objects, places, and design that define, shape, enhance, and empower their lives.
7th : Apply visual organizational strategies to design and produce a work of art, design, or media that clearly communicates information or ideas.

large sheets of paper, pencils, chalk pastel, collage and paint.

Observational, shadow, reflected light, drop shadow, overlapping

1. Students will use observational skills to draw a line drawing of one of four still life setups.
2. Students will use their pencils to complete the value section.
3. Students will use paint to complete the painting section.
4. Students will use chalk pastel to complete the chalk pastel section.
5. Students will use magazines to collage the last section.

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