Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Military Story

Hello followers, all 10 of you, ok maybe there are more of you out there...... ever since I moved up North and putting my efforts in finding a part-time job and keeping up my other blog, A Military Story, I have not had time to put the amount of effort I used to do for this blog. I will try to add posts when I am really inspired with something to share, but there are TONS AND TONS of fabulous posts on here for you to look back on.....sigh, this is so hard, but I really want to put all my energy online to A Military StoryA Military Story is a fully focused military blog that shares photos from military couple engagements, weddings, deployments, homecomings, and more. This blog not only shares beautiful military photos and the stories behind these photos, but it also inspires, educates and informs. You will find military customs and resources on the INFO page.

I’m really excited and honored when military clients want to be published on my blog. In fact I've received many kind words of how they love the vision of A Military Story they relate to the stories, or they get great inspiration from the photography. It’s important to me to support the military community as I too married into the military and experience the emotional heartache of a 12 month deployment. I had so much support during that long separation and feel connected to those who may be going through a long distance relationship. That’s why I started this blog in part to give back to the military community, as well as, provide stories and support to bring us together.

I’m so thrilled by the continuous support I have received since starting this blog. What surprised me the most is how enthusiastic my supporters are including my friends, family, and strangers from across the country! Whether you are a military girlfriend, wife, mom, aunt, sister, husband, cousin or a soldier yourself, I want you to find inspiration & community here on A Military Story. I want to thank y'all for following along and make sure you share A Military Story with your friends and family. http://www.amilitarystory.com

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  1. I have been totally out of the loop with wedding blogs and blogging friends since I started planning my own wedding in September. Getting back into it now.I love the design of this blog - the pastels are so pretty. But I will have to come and visit you at A Military Story since that's where your heart is. It sounds amazing. :)


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