Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dream House

Ever since my husband and I moved up north to our little cottage, we have been daydreaming about our dream house which we hope to eventually have. At this moment and for a little while we will be living here in our rental until we are able to build a new home and first to have enough money to buy the perfect plot of land. 

So it's no surprise to those who know me that I love interior decorating, architecture, and barns. I usually post about wedding things here, but I had to do a post about dream homes since my friend Lisa just shared this AMAZING LowCountry house that is for sale!! Oh my gosh I watched the entire video and just love love love this house: Lisa is a good friend of mine from down south and she works for this company LowCountry On Video and helps to photograph these gorgeous homes that are for sale. She also has a fun blog that you should check out here: Best Kept Secrets of the LowCountry.

I really miss Savannah, it's architecture, history and of course the warm weather!! So when I saw this post on Style Me Pretty - Living it allowed me to daydream a little more and remember this great city. Here are 4 of my favorite photos from that post, but you should read the whole post too. 

Now onto our dream house!! I hate having such a small sink and would love a big farmhouse deep sink like these two. We have 6 black painted wooden chairs and I thought it would be different if our dining room had black crown molding and black painted trim. We also have a lot of photos and I would like to create a few photo walls within our dream house. I love these ideas on how to create collages with your photos in various arrangements. Then there is my office space, which currently is way over crowded right now and I so wish our new house had a larger space for all my stuff!! My hubby wants to have a really really big garage for working on cars so we have agreed that I get to have a big studio office space in this BIG separate garage. Below are a few ideas of how I would set up my space with lots of storage space and a giant wall to pin my ideas on. Lastly, I am obsessed with post and beam style inside house architecture and really wish we would have this look. That's all for now, but make sure you watch that video, the house is beautiful!

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  1. It’s hard not to think about your dream home, seeing those photos above. They all look fantastic! They could also be a good inspiration for people who are thinking about owning an amazing house in the future. Anyway, I’m so excited to hear about yours! Keep us posted!

    Myron Payne @ Finlay Brewer


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