Monday, November 26, 2012

Social Media Specialist

Do you know what a Social Media Specialist is?
Do you know what social media is but don’t know how to utilize it?
Or you don’t have time or patients to figure it out?
Are you one of the many people who are not tech savvy and need help with your social media marketing?
Do you want me to be your “ghost” writer, tweeter, or poster?
Layla can do that for you OR teach you! Whether you like it or not social media is important for your business. Maybe you want help with sales, brand awareness, or traffic to your company or product. Maybe you want to create a community, followers, or customers. Layla would love to help you for a very affordable price compared the the corporate Social Media Consultant or Gurus who charge $150/hr! Email her or call 912-596-7104 for more information.
So what does a social media specialist do? What can she do for you: A social media specialist creates a strategy for how your business can use social media to get more sales and leads. They may advise you on technical details of social networking sites as well as help you use social media as an effective marketing channel. Some specialist write content, monitor your page, and write updates for you while others do not. Layla can do both for you. It’s my job to understand your brand/company and tone while creating a consistent voice with all of your social media.
What is Inbound Marketing?? Read more here
Social media including: Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, instagram, and Google+ (all of these are modes of marketing to reach more people all over the world and all ages)
·    help with creating these accounts
·    post to all social media listed above
·    adding images for promotional sales with facebook and twitter
·    creating and editing photo albums in facebook & google+
·    ghostwriting blog posts – per post or included in full monthly package
·    guidance on Google AdWords
·    design custom Twitter and Facebook Business Page
Hourly or Monthly rates for all the social media accounts included, you don’t have to choose certain ones.
$100 set up fee to create all accounts – available for facetime, skype or just old school phone conversations, please allocate about 2 hours or more for this meeting, includes time setting up all your accounts needed. Required for all social media packages
Also available to teach adult classes in the Bombay, NY area. 

Don't be caught being called a Twit!

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