Wednesday, September 5, 2012

{Organic Wednesday} Rare Tea Republic

I love unique places that sell gourmet tea! I've stopped and had high tea in Germantown, NY, Savannah, and even Victoria Island BC, British Columbia, Canada. Back in Boston, I used to stop in to a cute tea shop to buy loose tea by the bags, plus while visiting a friend in San Francisco I found a gorgeous tea shop and bought the most delicious blossom tea. Yah I think you get the point. I love tea! My grandma loved tea and she even gave me a sunflower china tea cup that I use ever once in awhile when I want to feel Royal. So for today's Organic Wednesday I have a lovely company to share with you who sells fresh teas from all over the world....

"Many brides today are looking to streamline and simplify their weddings. Perhaps they’re aiming for rustic, maybe classic, or even country – but we can safely say that garish, over-the-top weddings are a trend best left in the 80’s. Once a theme is chosen, the details then follow. What better beverage to serve at a simple, outdoor wedding, or an intimate bridal shower, than rare tea? Rare Tea Republic is a purveyor of fresh, full leaf loose tea sourced directly from tea origins such as Nepal, Darjeeling and Japan. For those looking to add something truly unique, fresh and delicate to their after-dinner menu (especially for a bride or groom that loves sustainable delicacies from across the globe), Rare Tea Republic offers fresh teas encased in simple, sophisticated packaging." -Liz Muroski

Also perfect for bridal party gifts or wedding gifts!

Are your teas fresh? We buy teas fresh each season and hand write the plucking date on each package sold so you know the exact age of your tea. To preserve the quality of your tea, we recommend storing your tea in a dark and dry location in sealed container.

Are your teas certified organic? Our mission is to bring you the very best teas available. Often, this means that our teas are certified organic. In that case, the teas are certified by Quality Assurance International (QAI), an independent service organization developed specifically for the purpose of certifying the authenticity of produce which is organically grown. Working directly with the tea farmers we buy from allows us to self-monitor the growing environment of each tea for your health and assurance.

Are you Fair Trade certified? Some of our teas are certified for environmental and social sustainability by the Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade USA.  In addition to these certifications, we source our teas directly and ensure ethical trade by forming relationships with our tea growers.  We share our experiences from each estate to your cup on our website, Facebook page and newsletter.
Complex, honeysuckle
Plucked from young AV2 tea cultivars at Tumsong's Estate's prime high-elevation plot, this exceptional selection is compex and nuanced. An essense of fresh honeysuckle and a lingering sweetness.

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