Friday, July 6, 2012

{Vendor Spotlight} Chocolat by Adam Turoni

I lurve chocolate!! Yep, if I could eat chocolate everyday 24-7 I would, so when a local chocolatier contacted me about tasting his gourmet handmade luxury chocolate, I said YES of course. Adam has a long history with chocolate and many years in perfecting his skill. He says that, "with lessons learned from the kitchens of my grandmother to Chez Panisse to Chef Greweling I am spinning chocolates that taste like the magic of memories". You will remember his chocolate too!!! You can find his chocolates at all Wright Square cafe and Paula Deen's store or place an order with him for your event.
I was impressed with Adam's beautiful presentation of chocolates seen below, his gorgeous office space which is located on Desoto Row one of the few certified “green” buildings in Savannah, but more so by how delicious the chocolates were! Adam supports local businesses such as Savannah Bee Company, PERC, Brighter Day, and local spice and tea shops. He only uses premium chocolate chips to start with in order to make his delicacies. All of his chocolates tasted amazing, but my favorites were:

  • Raspberry Mouse ganache, always a favorite combination but WOW he is good!
  • Peanut Butter Cup, he makes the peanut butter from scratch and you can tell since it's so fresh and smooth.
  • Sourwood Sea Salt Honey Caramels are soooo good and my husbands favorite (I let him sample my leftovers!)
  • Cafe Americano has a nice robust infusion of local PERC coffee which is right across the street from Adam, perfect for an after dinner dessert with fresh brewed coffee!
  • Blood Orange and Grand Marnier Truffle is very BOLD and sophisticated.
  • Chocolate Covered Candied Orange Peel is also potent and a nice compliment to the orange truffle.

I loved this wall in his office that he painted and created a fun frame display!
Here is a close up of his signature Almond Bark Lion Medallion
Chocolat by Adam Turoni
2423 Desoto Ave, Savannah, GA
(570) 510-1820

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