Monday, July 2, 2012

{Inspiration Board} If I could do it all over again!

It's my hubby and I's 3 year wedding anniversary!! I feel like this year went by so quickly, I can't believe it's here already. We had a very small wedding here in Savannah and not that many people were able to come since we had to plan it so quickly before he left for Iraq. I have to say that we were still able to have a pretty darn special day, BUT if I could do it all over again here are few things I would have changed. First, though, here are some of our REAL wedding details. 
I did the wedding announcements, programs, and tags for the fans all by myself.
I went home to visit my friends before we got married and they made me a pretty sunflower cake and had a little party for me <3
My close friend, Nicki Bursae, was able to fly to our wedding and take amazing pictures!!

Now, a girl can dream right! Here is my DREAM wedding with a much larger budget!!
I wouldn't change having a shorter dress, but these 2 short styles are super cute! Plus I really really really wish I was able to have my 2 cousins, Gina and Jackie be my bridesmaids since I always wanted them to be, but with the short notice and change in deployment date, flight tickets were too expensive for them to come down. If we had more money I could have paid for their tickets and they could have wore cute yellow dresses!

I love sunflowers, billy buttons, milk glasses, and wooden flower boxes so these are some ideas I wish I could have done.
I did the invitations all by myself, but if we had a bigger budget I would have hired Sarah from dodeline design to make our invitations. Aren't these so cute!?
I would also buy these necklaces for my cousins and myself to wear!
These hanging recycled bottles would have looked so cute hanging from the Oak Trees!
We gave away fans as our favors, but I love this simple DIY idea for maybe giving as welcome bags.
Our reception was at Moon River Brewery which is where our 1st date was, but if we had this amazing barn I would have totally had our reception there.....of course also if we had more money :)
We also did not have engagement pictures so if we did I would want a couch in a field with wildflowers! Yep I would get that couch out there...still thinking about doing this in the future, maybe for an anniversary session or pregnancy or baby session!
I probably would have had my hubby build a fun wall like this for our guests to take silly pictures at too.
Some more details of things I would have loved to do.
My flip flops actually hurt that I wore and I didn't want to wear them all night, I wish I had some TOMS instead.
We had sparklers at the end of the night and had a VERY scary incident happen with them! My hubby's aunt had the great idea of having us all light the sparklers all at ones while standing in a circle, FYI - DO NOT DO THAT! I screamed in horror as they all caught on fire and made a huge fire ball. NOW I am soooooo careful with sparklers. Anyways, I wish I had known about these super cute DIY ribbon wands with bells instead of the sparklers!!

Even if you don't have the money for your dream wedding, I'm sure your day will still be perfect and special. Plus remember these words of wisdom from Stacie Francombe, "At the end of the aisle and wedding day, it's ultimately about the love you share for one another."

~ Love you Christopher Mayville! Looking forward to many more years of marriage! ~

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