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Eco-chic Weddings

In case, you missed this before, I'm sharing it again because there are so many great ideas, I don't want it to get lost in the shuffle of my blog! I recently finished reading "Eco-chic Weddings" by Emily Elizabeth Anderson and have LOTS of great information to tell you about. As you know my passion is sharing eco-friendly ideas that you can consider for your wedding, it doesn't have to be everything, even a few green efforts can make a big difference. This will be a pretty lengthy post, so stick with me, have a cup of coffee, get a piece of paper to take notes, or get ready to click on links and bookmark them! Most of this information is directly from Emily's book and some I have added in.
Facts To Think About:
  • According to Conde Nast Bridal Group- American Wedding Study 2006 the average American wedding is now $27,825 in 1990 it was $15,208
  • Prioritize!! What is the most important part of your wedding that you are willing to spend money on and what could be edited out?
  • Borrow -  Emily wrote in her book that she borrowed her friends pearl bracelet which was special since her friend couldn't be at the wedding. Maybe borrow someone’s veil too.
  • Think about one-time-use items like your wedding shoes that you will only wear once, do you really want to spend that much on them?
  • According to the Bridal Consultants of America, October is now the most popular month of the year to get married.
  • Ask and find out if your venue/caterer compost leftover food? Could they donate to a compost community garden?
  • Reduce: Send your wedding invitations earlier than planned so that you don’t have to send out save-the-dates, or it’s too late to send out save-the-dates so you just send invites
  • Self-adhesive stamps come with non-recyclable plastic sheet backing so if possible get the moisten and stick stamps
  • Recycle your ink cartridges, more than 300 million ink cartridges end up in landfills every year. You can take them to Staples and get a discount!
  • Average money spent on honeymoon is $3.700
  • This is a BIG FACT I DID NOT KNOW!! 10% of honeymooners go on a cruise, but did you know that one of the largest waterway polluters is the cruise ship industry! Discharge into the ocean by cruise ships is not covered under the Clean Water Act. I have actually never been on a cruise but it's such a huge industry for tourism.
  • Consider going to a “green” location and doing “green” activities and rent from Enterprise Rent-A-Car since they have the Toyota Prius
Green or Environmentally Conscious Places to Vacation:
Find more places to stay here:

Gift Ideas:
At least 80% of brides will use registries for their gifts, and your registry is a great way to include eco-friendly gifts and useful items that you will ACTUALLY use. has even added a wedding registry option! Here are a few places to consider adding to your bridal shower/wedding registry or even giving bridal party gifts or favors to guests: - on maternity leave, check back with her later look for the stores that sell their products like Joli Home in Beaufort, SC - amazing bath products from Hawaii!!

Organic Wines:

Have you considered serving Organic Wines at your wedding or give wine as gifts. Maybe the bride and groom are avid wine drinkers and a wine club gift may be something they would appreciate. Check out these great companies!!

"We now farm more than 100 acres, grow five varietals and are committed to sustainability: organic and biodynamic farming and winemaking and dry farming".  Redwood Valley, CA
Prestige Wine Wholesale Ltd.

www.fetzer.comHopland, Mendocino Co., CA
"At Fetzer, we've been committed to environmental responsibility for over a quarter century. Because we believe sustainable practices not only make for a healthier planet – they make for better wines. 13 beautiful wines that are earth friendly"

Join this wine club, or give it as a gift 

"Our Petite Sirah grapes are organically grown and farmed on Mendocino County vineyards by the Barra family who've been devoted to organic farming long before it was fashionable. Organic farming requires a commitment to a method of farming that eliminates dependence on chemical fertilizers and toxic fungicides and insecticides in favor of natural practices that protect the health and safety of our farm workers, create a thriving wildlife habitat, result in clean run-off and healthier soils for our future. Even better, these practices result in delicious wine. The grapes are certified by the California Certified Organic Farmers; one of the most consumer recognized and trusted seals in the organic marketplace". 

Consider Buying a Synthetic Diamonds or Don't Buy a Diamond:
If you do want a diamond please make sure what you purchase is not a blood diamond a.k.a conflict diamond which refers to a "diamond mined in a war zone and sold to finance an insurgency, invading army's war efforts, or a warlord's activity". Read more about this here:

Flower Facts:
  • Green garden foam cannot be recycled so try to avoid using it or have your florist use only a little or not at all.
  • Roundup is a huge factor for cancer in flower workers, please be careful yourself using it
  • Because flowers are not ingested, the U.S. Department of Agriculture doesn't regulate pesticide levels on them
  • Buy flowers from an organic farm: Maitland, FL or  San Diego, CA
  • Read my previous post on other Green Flower Companies here:
  • Maybe don't even use flowers at your reception at all and use candles or several little lamps on each table to create an intimate setting, especially if they have nice lampshades. Or put potted plants as centerpieces that your guests can take as favors.

And That's All Folks!


  1. Such a beautiful wedding pictures! Also, thanks for sharing this to us. This is really informative. Thumbs up!!

  2. Such an awesome list of ways to "go green" for your wedding! Makes you realize how much you can actually do.


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