Thursday, June 14, 2012

{Bright Idea Thursday} Sunday Wedding

Update to this post! OMG!!! Someone actually did a brunch-picnic style wedding with donuts and coffee like I did a post about!!! So cool!!! Here are their details and more on Green Wedding Shoes.

Having a brunch wedding reception or a lunch reception is a great way to cut reception costs.
There are many advantages to having your reception earlier in the day. One of the biggest is cost. A brunch reception is generally less expensive than dinner. Also, if the wedding venue is a popular one, you might have a better chance finding an opening earlier in the day.
If you are having a buffet brunch reception or luncheon, chances are your guests aren’t going to drink as much as they would at an evening reception. If you choose to serve alcohol, wine and champagne are all that is necessary, although some couples still choose to have an open bar with mixed drinks available. Also having a coffee station with help guests sober up so they can drive home! Although, having your reception run too late on a Sunday night may lead to people leaving too early or not coming because they have to drive home and work the next day.
Choosing to have a wedding on an ‘off day’, can also be a great pick for brides who don’t have a lot of time to plan. You’re much more likely to get the vendors you want (and possibly a special rate) for a Friday or Sunday wedding, as opposed to the traditional Saturday. This is great if you’re a bride with your heart set on getting married soon, but can't find who and what you want for your wedding. You're more likely to get your first choice on a Friday or a Sunday.

Or maybe there is an emotional significance behind a certain date you want for your wedding and want that date no matter what day of the week it falls on. 
Sunday Option 1: start at 3 reception is from 4-9
Sunday Option 2: 1pm cocktails at 1:30 and the reception runs until 6:30pm

Things to consider: if you want a church wedding then Sunday isn't a good day to have a wedding. You would have to work around the churches service schedule, but may be able to do one after their service if they allow it.

Jewish weddings generally have to be on Sundays (the Sabbath is Saturday), so there's not much choice.
Food ideas: Omelet Station, blueberry muffins, scones, donuts, bagels, biscuits, etc
Drink Ideas: Mimosa Bar, Champagne Cocktail, French breakfast or English Tea Time, or a Coffee station

2 PARTS Brut Champagne or Dry Sparkling Wine
1½ PARTS St-Germain
2 PARTS Sparkling Water or Club Soda
Fill a tall Collins glass with ice. Add Champagne first, then St-Germain, then Club Soda. Stir completely. Garnish with a lemon twist, making sure to squeeze essential oils into the glass. St-Germain is heavier than wine, thus it will settle to the bottom so mix thoroughly.

Flower Idea for an English Tea Wedding

If you are having a coffee or tea themed wedding, then a perfect wedding favor for your guests is a personalized little bag filled with unique coffee blends or tea. Or you could consider putting these burlap or cotton bags in a welcome basket for your guests who are arriving from out of town. 

"Love is Brewing" with these burlap bags! Filled with aromatic coffee beans, these rustic burlap bags make ideal and unique wedding favors for any season!

Or try this wedding vendor for a soft bag that is made of eco-friendly unbleached cotton, evoking a simple, rustic charm. You can pick a design and font in the color(s) of your choice and personalize with your names and event date.
This Etsy artist can also make you a beautiful personalized bag at their shop. Check out Julie Sandusky's Idea chic companies online here.

Are you feeling crafty and care to make it yourself?  
Intimate Weddings has a great step-by-step DIY on creating coffee bags here


  1. I love the idea of a weekday wedding! Especially if its because that date holds significance to the couple! :)

  2. Thanks for including our 'love is brewing' tea bags in your collection. Nice post by the way. We noticed some traffic referencing this post. Thank you!

  3. We had a breakfast wedding reception. IF ONLY there had been all these fab & delish ideas back then!!!


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