Thursday, June 7, 2012

(Bright Idea Thursday} Monograms

So you're engaged now and considering changing your name once you're married, isn't it exciting to practice writing your new name plus buying fun new monogrammed items! Monograms have been around for ever and they vary from ornate traditional script to modern bold sanserif fonts. Let's refer to 2 resources to find out more about the etiquette behind monogramming.

A traditional 3-letter monogram has the initial of the individual's last name (surname) set larger, or with some special treatment in the center, while the first name initial appears to the left of it and the middle name initial appears to the right of it. For example, if the individual's name is Mary Ann Jones, and Jones is the surname, then the arrangement of letters would be thus: MJA, with the surname initial set larger in the center, the M for Mary to the left and the A for Ann to the right.[5] 

Married or engaged couples may use two-letter monograms of their entwined initials, for example on wedding invitations. Married couples may also create three-letter monograms incorporating the initial of their shared surname. For example, the monogram MJA might be used for Michael and Alice Jones.[5] However, monogramming etiquette for the married couple varies according to the item being monogrammed. Linens, for example, typically list the woman's given initial first, followed by the couple's shared surname initial and then the man's given initial (AJM).  - Wikipedia

Traditionally, a woman was not given a middle name with the expectation that her maiden name would, by default, become her middle name once she married. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to monogram. I am a firm believer that the groom’s initial should come first in a shared monogram; after all, it IS his last name. Although others believe that the couple monogram should be wife on the left, husband on the right "just like they stand at the altar" - Southern Weddings

At your wedding you can incorporate your monograms maybe with a moss green letters, toasting flutes, cake topper or on the cake with the design, or napkins. One suggestion though, don't give your guests anything that has your monograms on them as favors, since they will probably not use the gift. Instead use your bridal registry and wedding registry to add items for you two as a couple, like pillows, hand towels, luggage tags, china, and more ideas that you will find below for inspiration. There are countless fonts and designs to choose from so you can make your monograms traditional or modern. What is your favorite style? Did you get any new monogram items from your wedding???

find these here: 123456, 7, 8


  1. Side note - My mom actually never had a middle name and when she was married she took her maiden name as her middle. I always wondered why she never had a middle name, but I guess it's a very old tradition. As for myself, I kept my middle name since I really like the sound of it and it sounded weird with my maiden. Layla Michelle Mayville is what it is but if I had taken my maiden it would be Layla Cady Mayville. Here is another side note, I have heard of a lot of people now giving their children's 1st name as what their maiden name was. In this case, I had thought about if we had a girl I would name her Cady.

  2. Great blog. I cannot for the life of me understand how there is not a definitive answer on this. I have heard people I would name as experts in areas like this have differing opinions. Some authority should just come forward and set it straight. Martha Stewart? Oprah? LOL! I am with you on the man's initial on the left. :)


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