Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Blogcation - Road Trip

Hey y'all! I'll be going back up to the North where my hubby and I are from for a week so my blog will be kinda silent for a bit. Between my husbands 6 cousins getting married and my 3 family/friend's weddings we are able to go only TWO! Yep that is a lot of weddings. His cousin is getting married and he'll be a groomsmen so we are making the LOOOOOONG drive up North to Bombay, NY which is where my hubby grew up. I have a long time friend getting married and will be going up to Boston in September, via Jet Blue. Anyways, the fun part is stopping in Massachusetts on the border to meet my brother and give him his AMAZING birthday gift (when I was in Atlanta for the Not Wedding I stopped at Scott Antique Market and found a very cool gift, perfect for my brother, that I couldn't resist!). We are also passing off my mother who will be staying with my brother for the week. She lives down in Savannah too. I wish we could side track and go to Boston but it's way to out of the way for this trip. Don't worry everyone we have done this before, actually this is our 3rd time plus I've done this 2 times in the past - CRAZINESS! We also have our neighbors taking care of our kitties and watching over our house! 
See all y'all when I get back!

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