Thursday, December 8, 2022

{Pin it Friday} Wedding Games

Other games:
 Musical Money
 This game can be played for the table centerpieces at a formal shower, or at a wedding reception. Have your DJ or a shower guest play some music while you tell ONE person at each table to take out a dollar bill. As the music begins, pass the dollar around the table, make the direction of the dollar bill change a few times, and then much like musical chairs, when the music stops, the action stops. Have the person holding the dollar bill stand up, and all those standing must submit to a game of "Simon Says" (this is your chance to make your friends do some really crazy things!). After the people have been put through the ringer, say "Simon Says go back to your table. Simon says give the dollar back to the person who took it out of their wallet, because THEY are the person who wins the centerpiece!!!!" Everyone will get a good laugh at the fact that these people did these silly things and STILL did not get the centerpiece... makes for great photos as well!

 Bride or Groom? This wedding game really helps to liven up the atmosphere at the reception since it requires the participation of the entire wedding party. Guests are sure to love this game. The women form one team and the men form another. Each receives two signs, one with "BRIDE" and one with "GROOM" written on them. Ensure the signs are large enough for your guests to see clearly. Have a list of "who" questions such as, "Who do you think will snore the loudest?" or "Who is the neatest?" or "Who will hog the bed?" The entire wedding party raises the applicable sign in answer to the question. Imagine the varying answers you may get! Choose modest questions that will not embarrass the newly married couple too much in front of close family, co-workers, and young children (especially if they are relatively private people). You know them best!

Wedding Couple Trivia: In between music sets or down time before the meal is served, Have questions about you and your new spouse written down ahead of time on cards. (Based on the tolerance level of those invited, questions can be serious or even racy.) Each question should pertain to you, your spouse or both of you: - Where you met, where your first kiss was, what’s your favorite ice cream flavor, etc.. - Have your DJ, master of ceremonies, or one of your parents stand at the microphone and select a guest to answer the first question. If the guest answers correctly, he or she then steps up to the microphone to call on the next guest, and so on. 

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