Thursday, December 1, 2011

{Bright Idea Thursday} Makeup Engagement Sessions

So you've booked your photographer-YEAH! You're planning when your engagement session will be-FUN! Have you thought about your hair or makeup yet? Since you are investing a lot of money into your photos for this special day I do recommend you have your hair and makeup done either by a professional or you have a consultation prior to the engagement session and wedding day then practice before hand. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT! Even if you do not normally wear makeup, having a natural style maybe like Kate Middleton, now Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge wife of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge (YES I am a little obsessed with them!!) had for her wedding day...see below. Having a nice even foundation and just enough makeup will make ALL THE DIFFERENCE when you are photographed. You also want to make sure you have enough on to even notice in the photos, remember there could be a flash, which washes out your completion. I have many different hair and makeup stylists to recommend too!

Watch these videos that give nice makeup demonstrations:
part 1
part 2

According to People, Kate did do here own makeup for her wedding, BUT had taken several private lessons with London makeup artist, Arabella Preston. "She's had about three or four lessons with Kate at her private flat in Chelsea and has also gone, very privately to Clarence House," wedding planner, Mark Niemierko told People. Source

the knot wedding beauty tips:
"If you’re doing your own makeup, it is a good idea to schedule a makeup lesson with a licensed professional to teach you everything you need to know about bridal makeup and makeup in general. This will give you confidence and knowledge that will last way past your wedding day."
-- Kirsten Brusse, Joli Visage, Providence, RI

"Wear the correct shade of foundation. The best way to figure this out is in 'natural' daylight. Never make a decision about foundation unless you’ve applied it to your jawline first and looked at it in daylight. The color should blend and look like it disappeared."
-- Dierdre Mahon, DeeVa Beauty, LLC, Nutley, NJ

"Waterproof, waterproof, waterproof. Many women make the mistake on assuming that they won’t cry on their wedding day when, in actuality, they always do. Use waterproof foundation, primer, eyeliner, and mascara. We don't want makeup running down the face from either tears or too many dances
-- Allison Sammel, Elegant Beauty, Danbury, CT

Chemical Peel info and warnings! Do this at least two weeks before your wedding day because even a gentle chemical peel can cause drying that may be annoying to apply makeup over. Also make sure you experiment with tanning WAY before your wedding date! We don't want RED or ORANGE brides!
More information here on health risks
More information here on wedding skin guide (not in Savannah but good information)

Another great idea is to make sure you get a diagram of what you want for your wedding after you have your trial so that the makeup artist remembers what you liked or for you to take home and try to replicate.

You don't want to look like this so make sure you practice or have a makeup trial with a professional!

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