Thursday, November 10, 2011

{Vendor Spotlight} Alexis Sweet Photography

Drum roll please!!! Today's Vendor Spotlight is Alexis Sweet Photography, whom I have become very good friends with. Alexis will be the photographer for one of my upcoming weddings here in Savannah and she will be taking their engagement session very soon (I'll be the doggie sitter since the couple MUST include their adorable two corgis, but will also be taking some pictures san-doggies). Alexis was also the amazing photographer behind the Bohemian Beach Styled Shoot that we recently just finished which combined many talented Savannah area vendors - pictures and post to come, don't worry! 
Grab your coffee, sit back and enjoy our little Q & A.....

Layla: Which are your 5 favorite images and why? 

Alexis: I couldn't possibly choose favorites. Instead, I offer 5 wedding images that I enjoy and am proud of.
1) This photo was taken in the hotel lobby as we were waiting for the car to come around to take us to the ceremony. I love that the bride has a look of both confidence and nervousness at the same time. Her mother was holding her train for her in the background with such a wonderful expression of pride and contentment. I am such a sucker for beautiful window light and the lobby of the Bohemian provides a beautiful example of the best kind.
2) This wedding had been running behind all day. We had planned to do shots for 45 minutes on the beach after, but I ended up with only having the couple for 5 minutes right before the reception for their portraits. This couple was sweet and quiet. The wedding schedule was so crazy, but the entire time the couple exuded a quiet calm. It was evident that this was the way they loved each other too. I thought this photo captured that calmness beautifully. 
3) This super fun couple (mentioned in a further question) was willing to do anything for their portraits. I love when I get couples like that. This bride trudged right into the surf to get this photo. When she pushed him up on the rock and kissed him it was all her, not a hint of direction from me. He just loved it. He said to me he had finally snagged his mermaid. This photo is also in a way the birth of my current style. The beautiful creamy luminescent quality was a happy accident that I now try to carry through a lot my editing process. 
4) This was from a simple elopement wedding. The couple tied the knot in a very quick ceremony in one of the sqaures and we headed off on a sunset walk through downtown. I saw this railing and the beautiful light and directed them to it. I suggested he kiss her cheek and as he did, she moved right into it and gave this beautiful expression. It was like his kiss was just as warm and inviting as the sunset.
5)  This was taken just before they were announced as husband and wife and kissed. As the moment drew close they both became so excited that they began swinging their arms back and forth in anticipation. Their smiles went from being big to being mega-watt. I connect with the total adoration you can see in the bride's eyes when she looks at her man. 

Layla: What makes you laugh?
Alexis: 80's teen movies like Better Off Dead and Just One of the Guys, awkward moments, and I always burst out in uproarious laughter when I fall down.

Layla: What do you find enjoyable?

Alexis: I enjoy fall air, my dog Molly (when she isn't destroying my house), a quality sandwich from the likes of Starland Cafe, the city of Chicago, and bees wax candles. 

Layla: What are you most proud of?

Alexis: I am most proud of myself. I have come a long way to get from point A to point B in my life. While I have a long way to go to get to Z (although I'm pretty sure only folks like Nelson Mandela or Ghandi make it to Z), I'm proud of who I am now and how I am learning to handle what life throws at me.  

Layla: How would you describe your style?

Alexis: Its a bit of a grab bag when it comes to my wedding work. My work seems to polarize between really fluid candid shots and editorial portraits. This really seems to work for me though. The candids pull at my documentary heartstrings, while the editorial style adds a little extra gloss and polish. I find that it suits the task of capturing a wedding very well. I often remind myself throughout a wedding day "shoot the story, then shoot it prettier". 

Layla: How did you get started in photography?

Alexis: I got started in high school with a fabulous teacher. He imparted in me the importance of composition and light and I was immediately hooked. It was the darkroom aspect that sucked me in at first. Something about watching the image I captured slowly appear on the paper while it was in the developer. That was like poetry to me. I made a misguided attempt at studying Classics in college, but after a year and a half transferred to an arts and media school to pursue a photography degree. 

Layla: When did you start your business?
Alexis: I've been working freelance for the last 10 years. It wasn't until I moved to Savannah that I thought of pursuing wedding photography. In fact, I didn't think I would enjoy it. Thankfully I was wrong and I absolutely love it. I've been doing it now for about 3 years. 

Layla: What has been your favorite/most memorable wedding thus far?

Alexis: This is a tough one. All of the weddings I shoot end up taking up a small space inside me. I get emotionally attached to the couples and the amazing experience they are having, so picking a favorite is nearly impossible. I do have to say that an extra fun wedding I shot was when I was first starting out. It was a simple budget wedding out on Tybee. The bride and groom were laid back and total jokers. They were totally comfortable and up for trying anything during their portraits. Their friends and family were just as fun and by the end of the night the bride was doing keg stands and the groom had on a lobster hat. That was a fun wedding. It taught me that you don't have to have expensive details or flowers to provide a great memorable time for yourselves and your guests. 

Thank you Alexis!!
Don't forget to check out her website at or facebook page or email her


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