Friday, October 28, 2011

Words of Wisdom

After seeing many weddings of my friends, family, celebrities, on blogs where ever there is always one thing that ties them all together - This is YOUR special day and YOUR memories forever. So make sure that when that day comes you are having the wedding YOU TWO wanted. Of course there are compromises, forces of nature,  things that may throw you thru a loop, or people who you may disappoint, but please make sure you have a GREAT time at your wedding, no matter what. Don't let those negative nancies, naysayers, or people who force their opinions onto you control your wedding. Step away from all of it and really think "is that what we want?" As your wedding planner I can help guide you, but it's ultimately your decision. So with all that said, I will keep this post going as an open thread where I will continue to post inspirational quotes of others to help remind you that this IS YOUR DAY, ENJOY IT!

"You don’t need a reason to explain anything about your wedding day decor, fashion, music, etc. Go ahead! Use burlap and masons and take pictures in front of a barn, or dance the night away at your chandelier-lit ballroom black tie affair, or listen to the tunes of a steel drum band for your simple seaside ceremony followed by a grand exit surrounded by sparklers… It is your day – something that may very well exemplify who the two of you are as a couple… or may come out of left field and just be a pretty party full of things you two just happen to like. Always take the inspiration and opinions you come across with a tiny grain of salt, and remember that when it’s all said and done, as long as the two of you said “I do”, the rest will remain just lovely little details. And even if you include no details at all, as long as you have each other, the rest really isn’t important, is it?" Jacin of Lovely little details

Perfect words of wisdom from Stacie Francombe, Founder, Editor-In-Chief of Get Married magazine: "Planning can be stressful, but at the end of the aisle and wedding day, it's ultimately about the love you share for one another."

"Weddings should be about you as a couple, don’t have the wedding your sister or your best friend had, have the wedding YOU want………… things your way!! Create the wedding you want, not the wedding you’re told to have!" Kelly of boho wedding blog


  1. These are fantastic words to plan by! I couldn't agree more. Make your own way when it comes to your wedding.

  2. Totally agree!!! Your day your way...and that is coming from a wedding planner. It has to be about the two of you or else it won't mean a thing when the years pass by and you look back on it. Good post!


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