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{Vendor Spotlight} dodeline design

Hi, I’m Sarah. I created dodeline design and I am loving every adventurous minute of being a designer and entrepreneur. 
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Clean sheets :: The smell of old books :: Wearing new shoes for the first time! :: Warm paper right out of the copier :: Walking on the beach :: Sky rides :: The smell of a Christmas tree :: Candles :: 19th century literature…Jane Austen, anyone? :: Anything French…art, architecture, language, etc. :: the Georgia Bulldogs :: meeting new people!

dodeline design is a very small graphic design studio founded in 2009 by Sarah Early in her native Charleston, SC offering a range of affordable, personal graphic design services:
  • Logos, Identity, and Branding
  • Affordable Web Design for Pure Content Sites, Blogs, Ecommerce, and More
  • Print Graphic Work: Media Kits, Business Cards, Postcards, etc.
  • Email Marketing & Web Advertisements
  • Producing our own line of quirky stationery + graphic design
  • Unique & Affordable Wedding Invitations
dodeline comes from the french, “dodeliner,” which means “to sway.” It made me think of dandelions swaying in the wind, or the seagrass on the dunes on a Lowcountry beach, and above all else, I liked the idea of flexibility, because that’s how I try to work with my clients. Plus, it’s catchy!

Here is one of Sarah's latest blog that I found VERY informative!!

This is the kind of thing that always gets put off til the last minute.  So it’s also something I’m doing a lot of this month as it’s the busiest wedding month here in Charleston (and for good reason, the weather is incredible).  Everyone always thinks they’re done with paper once the invitations are safely in the hands of the USPS, but that usually is not the case!

Here are a few things to remember while you’re planning your wedding expenses, timeline, and ordering:
  • Programs.  A lot of people are going with writing it on a chalkboard or window or something clever like that, but traditional programs are still quite common and it’s a beautiful way to recognize family members.  Things you would potentially include would be the wedding party, the order of the ceremonies, music, a memorial type section for friends & family who can’t be there, a “thank you” to friends and family, and perhaps reception information or directions.
  • Menus.  Again, the large sign thing is popular, but if you’re having a seated dinner, it can be a really pretty part of the place setting to design a nice menu that goes with it.
  • Food signs.  Especially if you’re not doing a seated dinner, it’s a nice idea to design food signs that coordinate with your wedding suite to tell people what you’re feeding them.
  • Place cards & escort cards OR a seating chart.  Sometimes this is an issue and sometimes it’s not.  If you care about where people are sitting, you’re going to need to let them know that, and that is definitely going to involve your stationer!  You could do a large seating chart and placecards, seating chart & no placecards, escort cards & place cards, etc.  This is going to depend a lot on the formality of your event.  But either way, it’s a detail that’ it’s good to have determined HOW you’re going to do it well in advance of the wedding.  You will probably be changing it up to the wedding date so your stationer will need to be very well prepared to get it completed in a short amount of time.
  • Thank you notes.  You’ll want to get thank you notes out pretty quickly, and it’s always nice to have ones with your new name on it that coordinate with your wedding suite!  Of course it’s not as much of a “day of” item, but it is good etiquette to get those thank you notes in the mail rather quickly.
  • Signs.  You may need directional signs for your venue or parking or the guestbook or any number of items.  Make a good list of that well ahead of time as you may want to print some larger than a stationer does normally, so they may  need to order different paper or outsource it.
  • Guestbook.  If you don’t go the traditional route and you want more of a series of cards or something custom, make sure you plan it in advance!
  • Favor tags.  If you want to personalize your favors, check with your stationer to see if they can do that for you.  You’ll probably want to have that further before the wedding so you can actually tie / stick them on!!/dodelinedesign


  1. Thanks so much for this post Layla, how sweet of you!

  2. ah the mystery of paper SOLVED!

  3. I also just ordered some birthday cards from Sarah and I love them. She does great work!

  4. Have you seen her new planners? Man, if I was still teaching I would buy that for my lesson plans! It is super cute and Eco-friendly!

  5. The Caipirinha is my all time fave cocktail love it


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