Sunday, October 16, 2011

Savannah Sewing and Button Themed Wedding

You know I LOVE buttons since I've already done 2 posts on buttons, most recently how to make button boutonniere diy and button-button whos got button post so when a local photographer asked if I wanted to help her with a mentoring photo shoot and could stage what ever I wanted, of course I thought BUTTONS. Yep, I'm the person who saves every button they attach onto your clothes from store in those little bags. So if you lose a button, I have plenty to choose from. I also was handed down my grandmother's sewing kit which was filled with 1950's sewing items, so fun!

So back to the photo shoot! Teresa Little Earnest of Memories n More also the founder of The Wedding Studios is an amazing Savannah photographer with many years of experience and also offers mentoring to "encourage women and help them realize their full potential as professional photographers." You can work with Teresa for 2-7 days and all of your meals and refreshments are included.  Think fried chicken and pralines! She can even pick you up from the airport and return you there. Hey, it’s called southern hospitality! These mentoring workshops are completely customized and you can find out more here:

Teresa let me create whatever I wanted for the photo shoot at The Wedding Studio and had the flowers made by a to zinnias and the cake was Carrie of Two Cakes adorable faux cake (yep, could you tell?). Runnie Blooms made the assortment of fabric flowers. I made the ribbon wands, bride and groom spools of thread, collected my button and voila! After I staged everything Teresa began her mentoring with Arin Photography. The first images are by Teresa of Memories N More and then the pictures after her's are LeAnnes. So many different perspectives, arrangements, and inspiring ideas! 
I hope you enjoy the beautiful photos - It was so much fun!!

I made these ribbon wands and love this DIY idea of bells attached to your ribbon wands for the Send Off as an alternative to sparklers. See the post here:

(This cake was not from the shoot but I thought it was amazing and wanted to add it) 


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