Thursday, September 29, 2011

{Vendor Spotlight} Jayne B Photography

I'm very excited to showcase my 3rd Photography Vendor Spotlight - Jayne B Photography! Back in August, while at the Elegance in the Park Bridal Show I met Jayne, who was nice enough to take a few pictures of my booth! You can see the pictures she took of my booth design here. Jayne is so adorable and has the greatest personality!! We share the love of Eco-friendly lifestyles, as well as, being very crafty and love DIY projects. Even though she is based in Atlanta, Jayne can easily come over to Savannah to work a wedding or do a portrait session & has already done a few in SAV already! 
I hope you enjoy our little Q&A and get to know Jayne a little better.....

Layla: Which are your 5 favorite images and why?
1) This photo was one of those unexpected gems. We were in the middle of Alabama, it was pouring rain for the first half of the bridal shoot. We did as best as we could and shot some inside portraits, then decided to risk it and go find a field. By the time we got there it stopped raining and this one was one of the first shots that I took in the field. It was just that moment where I knew I got something I was really excited about, after being totally stresses out by the storm. I have to give credit to the bride, who was such an awesome sport. (she actually lead the way into the field) Totally worth it!  
2) This shot is my new Jayne B Photography Facebook photo! I knew I found a special little spot when I was location scouting, I immediately saw it in my head and couldn't wait to get my shot! Then when I brought these two lovebirds to it, they just completed my vision perfectly.

3) To me this is the perfect wedding moment, everything about their day was a dream, and then we had this amazing light come down during their ceremony. ahhhh.... 

4) These two are photographic gold together. I chose this particular photo of them because I <3 the red door, & how they were having a little moment together, just after saying I do. You can just see the joy & excitement in her beaming smile.

5) This is one of those "ahhh.... lighting moments". We were in the right place and the right time! 

Layla: First, tell us a little about yourself, your blog, your background in the wedding world, etc
Jayne: We are Jayne B Photography! We are inspired by brides that want exciting wedding photos! We love creative brides with a vision and style! I have been shooting weddings since about 2007. I quickly realized this is it for me, this is what I want to do...everyday. Once I had this realization, I enrolled at a University in their Fine-Art Photography program. It was there that I gained my knowledge and foundation in art and photography (which I think helps out a lot). After this, I wanted to learn the commercial photography world so I enrolled in the most intense 2 year commercial photography program. Upon graduation I went into photographing weddings full-time and have been loving life since! : ) 

Layla: What inspires you?

Jayne: I am inspired by that warm fuzzy love feeling! : ) It is a pretty cool job to get to document a couple's wedding story. 
Layla: What do you use to edit? 

Jayne: I use both Lightroom and Photoshop to edit. If I had to pick just one I could do it all in Lightroom if I had too! I probably spend about 40% of my life in Lightroom.
Layla: Are you a PC or Mac girl?

Jayne: Mac all the way! I edit from my 24" I-mac! (ahhh I love this thing!!)  

Layla: Do you drink coffee, what's your favorite? or what is your weakness?? (chocolate, etc)

Jayne: Coffee??!! Yes, Please!!  I like it sweet, with loads of sugar!!! Other than that my weaknesses include cupcakes, candy, chocolate covered frozen bananas. I have a pretty huge sweet tooth! 

Thank you Jayne!!
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