Thursday, August 18, 2011

{Bright Idea Thursday} Wedding Guest Book Ideas

I love it when friends or clients ask me for unique wedding ideas! Here is a compilation of guest books that are different then the normal pretty book with lines in it. Keep the questions coming since it gives me inspiration to find these great ideas!! Enjoy : )

Rather than a book of autographs likely to be stored away, these non-traditional guestbooks personalize your event and capture guests' memories and heartfelt wishes of your special day.

Each guest at your event will receive their very own guestbook page to fill out and share special messages at their leisure. After your event, simply place the completed pages in one of our many guestbook album designs and enjoy! 


Looking for an alternative to the traditional wedding guest book? Why don't you have your guest's leave their fingerprint on this custom guest book print made to look like you and your fiancé! It becomes a beautiful piece of artwork that you can cherish forever! Also includes a 5" x 7" leave your thumbprint sign to instruct your guests as to how to use your guestbook!

You can customize the head of the bride and groom illustration to look just like you! Just upload a recent photo of you and your fiancé and they will do the rest!

Have your guest sign Jenga pieces that you can play over and over again and remember your special day!

How about a gorgeous box that is the perfect size to display at your wedding. Guest can use one of the cards to fill in their information and leave the couple a loving note. Makes addressing thank you cards very easy.
This wooden address card box has 12 fun dividers and 200 address or blank inserts. The box measures 6 inches by 4 inches and 2.5 inches in height. The dividers measure 3.5X5 and the inserts are a bit smaller. All of the paper is hand cut. A 4x5 coordinating tented sign to provide direction for your guests is included.

Then there is my oh so lovely DIY post card guest book idea with post cards

The Thumbprint Wedding Tree is a fun and contemporary alternative to the traditional guestbook.  Guests will enjoy leaving their thumbprint and signature on your wedding tree to create the leaves on the tree.   Have it framed to be displayed in your home after the wedding and enjoy it for years to come.  All fonts and colors can be customized to your liking.

Another good resource for guest book ideas


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