Thursday, August 25, 2011

{Bright Idea Thursday} Arists Inspiration

  I was feeling like I needed an artistic inspiration day so I rounded up some of my favorite painters and mixed media artists from around the world to share with you today. The hardest part about this post was trying to decide on which of their artwork I should share. These are my favorite pieces, but make sure you click on their links to see each artist's portfolio of work. Majorly talented and super cute art here! 

There are so many talented artists out there, but I tried to focus on current, contemporary, feminine art that is relate-able to weddings and special events and also show my taste by representing art that I LOVE ~ Enjoy!!

Pam Garrison is a mixed media artist passionate about creating and inspiring others to create

Tiffani Taylor is a Savannah College of Art and Design graduate "Her paintings and pottery are inspired by nature and travel, particularly to Paris and Italy.  They are a portrayal of her deep emotion in moments of beauty: sketching dancing red poppies while growing up in Utah; studying red cardinals outside her window at home in Savannah; viewing the Sistine Chapel; and stumbling upon an explosion of color at flower markets in Rome."

Sarah Ahearn Bellemare "I am a painter from New England. My mixed media paintings are layered with found images, fragments of text from old books, and pieces of outdated maps. These ephemera become the fabric and focus of many of my paintings. I especially like to paint tiny coffee cups, migratory birds and imaginary flowers."

Let Them Eat Cake was a collaboration in Fall 2010 between Paul and Jordan Ferney. Jordan got to choose the subject (and bake all he cakes) and Paul painted them. Each one had a different saying to go along with it. 

Charlotte Hardy Paintings "I work in mixed media, using acrylic paints, inks, oils pastels and collage on handmade or watercolour paper. Eclectic elements are playfully arranged to form a narrative. Interesting and old-fashioned objects in museums, shops, markets, cafes and domestic environments inspire me. The prints are in small editions and individually hand coloured using acrylic paint, inks and Procion dyes."

Dinara is an uzbek girl, who lives her dreams and dreams a lot. She creates beautiful personalized invitations, Cityscape Decorative Packing Tape :, amazingly detailed paper cut outs, and illustrations.

Christy Tomlinson on-line mixed media and scrapbooking workshops are designed to help explore the inner artist in YOU. Her workshops are each taught on their own private websites with full videos, PDF's, communities and more! The classrooms are easy to navigate and are available 24 hours a day! 

Cathy Nichols "I don’t know where my ideas come from exactly. Sometimes they emerge fully-formed while I’m sitting in traffic (Maybe this is why there are so many artists in L.A.!). Other times, I gather all of my favorite materials and begin to weave images together with wax, paint, medium and words until something coalesces."

Kristi's Keep Calm and Carry On Sign are the latest rave and are on my Wish List!! "I LOVE letters. Maybe it's because I taught elementary school. Or, maybe it's because I haven't seen my refrigerator door in four + years because of all those little, colorful magnets. For whatever the reason, I LOVE letters. So, I started my typography signs as a way of getting all those letters out of my system. I enjoy laying out the letters, creating a picture, and telling a story. Have a story that you would like to share? Let me paint a custom sign for you so you can share your story with the world...or at least with your friends that visit your kitchen!"


  1. I like the recent crave as well {Keep Calm And Carry On}!

  2. I love it all especially the cake on the stand! Too cute!

  3. Beautiful pieces! I'm most partial to the colorful paintings :)

  4. I have to get one of those Keep Calm posters...loved seeing all this art. Thanks so much for brightening my day!


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