Wednesday, July 20, 2011

{Organic Wednesday} Nourish

Nourish Natural Bath Products
Are you looking for some nice organic ideas to put in your wedding guests' welcome baskets or maybe a nice baby shower give away? I was recently at my friend's baby shower and was given bath fizzies from Nourish as a favor and boy was I happy!! I love Nourish and try to stop by their store where ever I can to purchase some of my favorite all natural bath products. Here are some of their wonderful products and more info on how Nourish came to be.

Glycerin soaps by the slice: My favorite is white tea ginger 

Colorful and generously scented glycerin soap bars containing no detergents, surfactants or sulfates.

Bar soap: try mint julep
A sweet addition of Tupelo honey from our friends at Savannah Bee, with a blend of Spearmint and Peppermint essential oils. Extra shea butter for super moisturization.

try another one of my favs....lavender mint bar soap

Essential oils of Lavender and Peppermint, with jojoba oil and shea butter for extra skin nourishment. 

white tea ginger soy wax candle

Customer response has been overwhelming with our highly aromatic SoyWax candles. These clean burning candles are hand poured into convenient travel tins with clear lids so the candle can be covered when it is not in use and for when you don't want to smell it.

“It was shortly after my baby sister started kindergarten that my mother began making soap in our kitchen. At first it was just a hobby - with molds, mixers, and cutters all made by my dad.  But it soon took hold of my mother and, before too long, of all of us.  When her workspace expanded from the kitchen to include the garage and closets of my childhood home it was clear that my mother’s passion for making soap had become more than about the product.  It had become about the ingredients.  Just as we do today, my mother insisted on using only the highest quality blend of skin moisturizing ingredients to not only cleanse the skin but also improve its health and vitality – free of the chemicals, detergents, mineral oils, surfactants, and parabens that harm our bodies and our planet.

Soap for my family, was a craft – one that required inspiration and dedication.  In 2000, my mother and 
I acted on these feelings and expanded her home business into a small retail store, where she continued to make each bar by hand and where I learned how to run our growing business.  In a year’s time, we had outgrown our little shop and decided to move to our current location in downtown Melbourne.

We began to expand our recipes and our product line as customers confirmed our beliefs that people crave naturally derived health and beauty products that they can trust on their skin and for their families.  Our name grew as the results came in – people simply loved what our products could do for their skin.

Today, Corey and I are thrilled to be continuing what my mother started so many years ago in our kitchen.  We now have three retail stores where we sell a wonderful selection of bath products, as well as the many varieties of bar soap that Corey continues to make by hand.  We are very proud of all of our products - each of which is still created by us with health and wellbeing in mind".

Shoshanna and Corey Walker

202 West Broughton Street
Savannah, GA 31401

Phone: 912-232-3213

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