Student Artwork 2015

6th grade 1 Point Perspective

6th grade Aboriginal Dot Painting

6th grade Symmetrical Self-Portraits
6th grade Radial Symmetry Mandalas kinesthetic activity

6th grade Underground Railroad Quilt Motifs

6th grade Iroquois Pottery

7th grade 2 Point Perspective

7th Grade Fractured Still-life 
Created with drawing pencils, chalk pastels, paint and collage


7th grade Local Bodies of Water Watercolor Paintings
7th grade Notans - Negative and Positive

7th grade Chinese/Japanese Brush Paintings and Haiku Poem

7th grade Half the Face Drawings

7th Grade Native American Spirit or Clan Animals
8th grade 2 Point Perspective Architecture Drawing
8th grade Lino Prints

  8th grade Bold Colors Animal Paintings

8th Grade Studio Art & High School Creative Crafts Clay Candle Diffusers

High School Creative Crafts Plastic Bag Baskets

High School Creative Crafts Magazine Baskets

High School Creative Crafts Jazz Pop-ups

High School Creative Crafts Plaster Casted Letters

Creative Crafts Paper Mache Animals
STEM Tube Sculptures

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